Here is a spectacular collection of myths, legends, traditions, romances and folktales of Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, as told and illustrated by famed Hawai’i artist/historian Herb Kane.

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Ancient Hawaii

Ancient Hawai’i

Origins, spiritual concepts, voyaging, customs and skills of the ancient Hawaiians. With 109-full-color paintings, author Kane describes how they survived and prospered. Also available in hardcover.

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Voyagers presents a dynamic history filled with images of native kings, star navigators, British explorers-truly the coming together of vastly different cultures. This incredible book contains over 130 of Mr. Kane’s images beginning with the story of how the Polynesians discovered Hawai’i. the index below will give the viewer an idea of the historical and cultural depth of this book.

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Voyagers DVD

Voyagers: The First Hawaiians

In 1976, a voyaging canoe set sail from Hawai’i to Tahiti for the first time in over 600 years. Accompanying these mariners aboard their historic voyage the tale told in those pages comes to life through the images of Herb Kawainui Kane and the vision filmmaker Paul Csige.

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